Python Tip of the Day - contextlib.contextmanager

Posted on Thu 21 October 2021 in Posts • Tagged with python, pythonTipOfTheDay, contextmanager, testing

How to use contextlib.contextmanager to combine context managers into one

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Python pytest or Making Django Use Pytest

Posted on Sat 18 April 2020 in Posts • Tagged with python, testing, pytest, unittest, django

How to make Django's use Pytest instead of the default test runner

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Code Quality Challenge #1 - Test Coverage

Posted on Wed 01 August 2018 in Posts • Tagged with testing, coverage, cqc, quality

CQC #1 - Exploring Test Coverage

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Py.test Basics

Posted on Fri 27 April 2018 in Posts • Tagged with python, testing, pytest, unittest

Learning some of the basics of Py.test

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Python Tip of the Day - subTest!

Posted on Sat 23 September 2017 in Posts • Tagged with pythonTipOfTheDay, testing, unittest, python

Coming from a jUnit background, one of the things I always missed with the vanilla Python unitttest library was parameterized tests.  Oftentimes when writing unit tests for a particular unit you find yourself writing effectively the same test over and over again, but with different inputs. Wouldn't it be nice …

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Serverless Microservices and Python (with tests!) - Part 1

Posted on Thu 27 July 2017 in Posts • Tagged with lambda, serverless, microservices, aws, python, testing

So I'm currently on holiday and also between jobs (had my last day at old job last week, and first day at new gig is next week), which means of course what am I doing but spending some time learning some tech that's fun & buzzwordy.

Right now it seems like …

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The Magic Button

Posted on Tue 04 April 2017 in Posts • Tagged with testing

Bob Martin is awesome.

Java Tip of the Day - EqualsVerifier

Posted on Fri 01 November 2013 in Posts • Tagged with javaTipOfTheDay, testing, java

This looks more than a little cool for those of us (like me) who are pedantic about testing out equals/hashcode/compareTo methods:

(Note: this post originally appeared on my blogspot blog at:

Git bisect And Nose -- Or how to find out who to blame for breaking the build.

Posted on Fri 03 August 2012 in Posts • Tagged with git, nose, python, testing

How did I not ever discover git bisect before today? Git bisect allows you to identify a particular commit which breaks a build, even after development has continued past that commit. So for example, say you:

  • Commit some code which (unknowing to you) happens to break the build
  • You then …

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Useful Python Tools

Posted on Fri 18 May 2012 in Posts • Tagged with pythonTipOfTheDay, python, nose, metrics, quality, testing

I often stumble across and use a number of useful tools for creating Python code. Thought I'd barf out a blog post documenting a few of them so that my future self will be able to find this info again if need be. :)

( …

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