So, who is this CodependentCodr person? What's his/her story, and can he/she not spell? Read on true believers for all the deets.

I'm Adam, the CodependentCodr. I've been writing code in one capacity or another for over 20 years, starting off in Turbo Pascal in the 90's, through a number of other languages (C, C++, Java, SML, Perl, QBASIC, GWBASIC, Visual Basic, and probably a few others I'm forgetting) to nowadays where I mostly write Python. I live in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada, moving here originally to go to the University of Victoria to get a couple of degrees (BSc, MSc) in Computer Science.

So, why "CodependentCodr"? Well, I first heard the phrase "codependent coder" in an offhand conversation with a coworker & good friend of mine. She was talking about a code review she had up and (jokingly) referred to how the "codependent coder in her needed acceptance" (paraphrasing as this was a number of years ago & I can't quite remember exactly what she had said).

The joke made me laugh at the time, but then I started to think about it a bit, and the name actually resonated with the impostor syndrome-suffering dev in me. And the alliteration just sounded cool. :)

Shortly after I decided to grab a Twitter handle to go with that persona, as I thought I'd use it for dev-related tweets (whereas at the time I wanted my personal Twitter to be more for non-dev friends). The problem: Twitter usernames max out at 15 characters and "CodependentCoder" is 16 characters long.

So, dropped a vowel and @CodependentCodr was born. Unfortunately the Twitter largely remained dormant (best laid plans and all).

When I went to start my first tech blog on Blogspot, I decided to use the name again, and sporadically threw the odd post up there.

Around the beginning of 2016 since I had a few coworkers who were big on Wordpress, I moved my blog to

Eventually though I found myself writing blog content in markdown & pasting it into the WP editor, then revising (which was about as painful as it sounds), so decided to switch to a static site generator. Being a Pythonista Pelican came up as the somewhat obvious choice (I did look into Jekyll, but given I hate Ruby it was never a really a serious possibility for me). In March 2018 while on holiday I started migrating stuff over from Wordpress & Blogspot and am now hosted as a static site on S3 in AWS.