Code Quality Challenge #1 - Test Coverage

Posted on Wed 01 August 2018 in Posts • Tagged with testing, coverage, cqc, quality

CQC #1 - Exploring Test Coverage

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Code Quality Challenge #0 - Getting Started

Posted on Wed 01 August 2018 in Posts • Tagged with quality, refactoring, cqc

Let's do a quality challenge to find some quick wins.

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Code Refactor of the Day - Extracting Compound Conditionals

Posted on Mon 15 January 2018 in Posts • Tagged with codeRefactorOfTheDay, refactoring, quality, python

I'm currently doing the 30-Day Code Quality Challenge (, and today's exercise was an interesting one -- extract a compound conditional.

The idea of extracting a compound conditional is it's a refactor to try and improve the readability of code by giving a name to a complex boolean …

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Book Review: The Software Craftsman

Posted on Tue 03 February 2015 in Posts • Tagged with bookreview, craftsmanship, quality, tdd

Book: The Software Craftsman

Book Cover - The Software Craftsman

Author(s): Sandro Mancuso

Publisher: Prentice Hall; 1 edition (Dec 14 2014)

Pages/Sections Read: All, cover to cover

Thumbs up/Thumbs down: Thumbs Down

Link(s): Amazon, Author's Twitter

Summary Of Content Read

This book frustrated me. I once had the fortune of seeing Sandro …

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Book Review - The Clean Coder

Posted on Mon 20 January 2014 in Posts • Tagged with bookreview, professionalism, quality

Book: The Clean Coder - A Code of Conduct For Professional Programmers

Authors: "Uncle" Bob Martin

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Pages Read: all

Sections: all

Thumbs up/Thumbs Down? Up

Link: Amazon

Summary of Content Read

This book is largely a follow-up to Martin's other very well known book Clean Code . Whereas …

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Useful Python Tools

Posted on Fri 18 May 2012 in Posts • Tagged with pythonTipOfTheDay, python, nose, metrics, quality, testing

I often stumble across and use a number of useful tools for creating Python code. Thought I'd barf out a blog post documenting a few of them so that my future self will be able to find this info again if need be. :)

( …

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