S3 Redirection Rules

Posted on Mon 07 May 2018 in Posts • Tagged with s3, aws

How to use S3 redirection rules for simple redirecting to other hosts

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Failure Bow #1 - The AWS Lambda Goof

Posted on Sat 05 May 2018 in Posts • Tagged with aws, mistake, lambda, s3

Lets talk about how I accidentally incurred a million or so extra S3 & Lambda calls in a day.

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Setting Up A Pelican Site in AWS

Posted on Sun 08 April 2018 in Posts • Tagged with pelican, aws, s3, hosting

So I was going to write a blog post outlining most of the stuff I did in getting this site up off the ground, but then a colleague went ahead and did the same and wrote up their journey. :)

So, in true CodependentCodr fashion, Imma going to stea...err borrow …

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