Using Starship For Terminal Prompt Goodness

Posted on Sat 27 February 2021 in Posts • Tagged with terminal, starship

I recently discovered Starship & converted my old prompt to using it. Lets see what I learned.

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Building A VS Code Extension Without Installing Node By Docker Magic

Posted on Fri 26 February 2021 in Posts • Tagged with vscode, nodejs, docker

How to build a VS Code extension without installing Node.js locally.

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Git Image Diff with iTerm2

Posted on Sun 14 February 2021 in Posts • Tagged with iterm, iterm2, git, terminal, shell

iTerm has a imgcat function. Lets use it with Git for image diffing

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Fixing a Slow Bash Prompt

Posted on Mon 01 February 2021 in Posts • Tagged with bash, git, osx, homebrew

My bash prompt seemed to be slow. Here's how I fixed it

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iTerm2 Setup

Posted on Sat 30 January 2021 in Posts • Tagged with devenv, setup, tooling, iterm, iterm2, terminal, shell

I've been a longtime user of iTerm2 as my terminal. This post walks through some of my setup with it.

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More Charts in the Django Admin

Posted on Mon 09 November 2020 in Posts • Tagged with django, python, chartjs, graphs

Walking through an example of adding a chart to the Django admin, and making it use the selected filters.

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Python Tip of the Day - lru_cache

Posted on Sat 02 May 2020 in Posts • Tagged with python, pythonTipOfTheDay, functools

How to use lru_cache for fun and profit

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Python pytest or Making Django Use Pytest

Posted on Sat 18 April 2020 in Posts • Tagged with python, testing, pytest, unittest, django

How to make Django's use Pytest instead of the default test runner

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Visual Studio Code Tasks and Split Terminals

Posted on Sun 10 February 2019 in Posts • Tagged with vscode

The January update of Visual Studio Code has some useful features for working with tasks.

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Asyncio Part the third

Posted on Mon 13 August 2018 in Posts • Tagged with python, asyncio, asyncawait

What happens when you try to make an init async?

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